Clarksville, TN

LG Electronics

For this manufacturing facility, Northstar provided complete fire suppression services.

Aerial view of the LG Electronics facility in Clarksville

Value Delivered

Northstar Fire Protection of Texas, (Northstar) was awarded the entire fire suppression contract for the new LG Electronics (LG) factory in Clarksville, Tennessee. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art automation, robotics, and engineered systems that allow LG to quickly change between models.

Working together with LG, we provided 80 percent of the fabricated materials installed at their Clarksville location from our fabrication facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We provided 22 laborers to help fast-track the project, and completed our work throughout the 1.2-million-square-foot facility in nine months.

Client Objectives

For their first U.S. washing machine manufacturing facility, LG needed facility-wide fire protection solutions.


A partial scope of solutions delivered includes engineering and installation of:

  • Over 30 fire protection systems
  • Approximately 12,000 sprinkler heads
  • Diverse types of fire protection systems (wet, dry, pre-action, and very early smoke detection apparatus)

Client Background

LG Electronics is a global producer of home entertainment products, mobile communications, home appliances, air solutions, and vehicle components.