Alarm and Life Safety Systems

Man adjusting settings on a custom alarm and life safety systemNorthstar Fire Protection of Texas (Northstar) offers certified alarm, detection, and suppression equipment that alerts users through easy-to-use devices such as smartphones or computers.

From addressable alarm to mass notification, Northstar designs, builds, installs, and services custom alarm and life safety systems to suit any environment.

System Design, Installation, and Commissioning

For replacements, expansions, modifications, and new construction we offer:

  • Addressable and conventional fire alarms
  • Bi-directional amplifier/distributed antenna systems
  • Central station monitoring
  • Deluge/pre-action control panels
  • Fire suppression
  • Infrared/ultraviolet flame detection
  • Local and wide area mass notification systems
  • Smoke evacuation and smoke control systems
  • Very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA) systems

Preventive Inspections and Maintenance

We tailor inspections and maintenance based on occupancy, system type, code requirements, and your overall life safety goals. Your inspections will be conducted in conformance with National Fire Alarm Code NFPA-72 and Factory Mutual (FM) requirements, and applicable manufacturer recommendations. We’ll provide full documentation of your inspection results, any code deficiencies, and our recommendations.

Special Hazard Suppression Systems

To protect high-hazard, high-value, or special equipment that can't be protected by a conventional fire sprinkler system, we offer waterless/clean agent fire suppressants including:

  • ECARO-25
  • FM-200 heptafluoropropane
  • Inert Gas
  • Novec 1230 halocarbon

Other systems we provide include:

  • Aqueous film forming foam systems
  • Dry and wet chemical systems
  • High and low pressure carbon dioxide systems
  • High expansion foam systems
  • Water mist systems

Aspirating Smoke Detector Systems

Northstar’s variety of aspirating smoke detector systems use continuous air sampling to detect hazardous/combustible gases and provide very early warning to allow maximum time for evacuation when:

  • Many people are concentrated in one area, such as railway stations, airports, stadiums and hospitals
  • Exit paths are restricted
  • Occupants need extra help
  • Environmental conditions are difficult with high levels of pollution or extreme temperature such as cold storage facilities, production areas, industrial plants, underground tunnels

Our detection and alarm solutions include:

  • 24-hour fire alarm monitoring
  • Fire systems detection releasing
  • Harmful gas detection
  • Linear heat detection
  • VESDA air sampling smoke detection